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Women’s And Men’s Leather Motorcycle Jackets And Their Textile And Mesh Counterparts.

By Dominik Hussl

Mens leather jackets for motorcycle riders have always been available in many designs and forms, however recently women’s leather motorcycle have also become available. These jackets are especially made to fit a ladies figure. Before this women riders had to make do with a small leather jacket that was designed for a mans physique and not a woman, therefore a perfect fit was never achieved. Most manufactures of apparel these days have recognized that more women are riding bikes then ever before as well as the fact that they have been passengers for a long time and where never properly addressed. Well that has now changed and women can now choose from many a motorcycle leather jacket.

Leather has always been the preferred choice of material for a jacket. The leather offers protection from road rash. That is if quality materials are used and stitched together and re enforced properly. We recommend you buy all your apparel from a brand name manufacture. This insures that you are truly going to get some protection out of the jacket because it will be made from quality material, where as you can buy cheap leather jackets made in Pakistan and India for a lot less but you will find that most of these are a very inferior product compared to a Icon, Agv Sport or an Arlen Ness piece. You should be able to find a quality men’s or women’s motorcycle leather jacket from any of those manufacturers.

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Textile and Mesh are the newest thing in motorcycle jackets where as before these highly durable materials were introduced the best you could do to get a warm weather riding jacket was too get a leather perforated one. The perforations are designed to let air pass thru while still giving you protection. Now with new mesh and textile materials made from Kevlar and the like you can get almost the same protection from a jacket made from Mesh then a leather piece. These new materials have a high abrasion resistance and do not tear easily. Also most of the garments made from the mare double stitched to prevent a tear at the seams. Icon as well as Agvsport and Alpinestars make some quality mesh and textile motorcycle riding jackets for men and women both.

So now a days you have a choice in materials. Decide whichever suits your needs best and is going to be the most comfortable to wear. Comfort is very important when it comes to riding apparel since if you do not feel comfortable in the item you are not likely to wear it in the long run. Personally I have two jackets one from mesh and one from leather, that way when its cold outside I can wear the thicker leather one that also has a insulated insert to help keep me warm and on warm days I can wear the mesh one and have all the protection as well as comfort to ride all day. I do have to admit I prefer the look of my leather motorcycke jacket to the mesh just because it’s a more old school look.

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