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Personnel Tracking Devices To The Rescue}

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Personnel Tracking devices to the rescue


Mark Sheldon

Although the world has become a much smaller place in terms of being able to get around it has also become the unknown to many who have to travel to remote places with their work.

Remote workers travel to places that they are often unfamiliar with. This can either be in their own country or the other side of the world.

Many responsible companies now provide their remote workers with personnel tracking devices. These are small units built on GPS technology that allow the company to be able to monitor the whereabouts of their employees and they give the employee the facility to raise a alarm at the touch of a button should they run into trouble.

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The devices are small and therefore very discrete. Because they rely on satellite technology there are no problems with cell coverage like you would have with a mobile phone, and they can literally be used anywhere in the world.

Personnel tracking devices are ideal for remote workers in the aid sector who are often based in a foreign country, in what can be very hostile conditions. The aid workers put their own lives on the line to go and help others who need food, education or just help rebuilding a community. In some cases small villages, where remote workers have been based have been set upon by hostiles and lives have been taken. With Personnel Tracking devices and crisis management solutions this can be avoided. Personnel Tracking devices are like having a third eye overlooking the surrounding area, giving your employees a much better chance of survival in these remote, potentially hostile situations.

Employees who travel a lot can also benefit from tracking devices. This will help the employers realise if there is a problem getting to the employees destination, such as a breakdown or a hijack. Very often the vehicle used to travel will also be fitted with a GPS tracking device to help monitor the asset.

Should an employee be kidnapped the tracking devices are very often small enough to remain undetected and they give the employers a very good chance of finding and aiding the employee before it is potentially too late.

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Hp2 B126 Practice Questions}

HP2-B126 Practice Questions


Judith M. Ehlers

Question: 1

What is the customer value of the Universal Print Driver?

A. It enables customers to store documents in the cloud through just one driver

B. It provides one driver for an HP LaserJet MFPs. most printers and some HP OfficeJets

C. Its image preview allows users to view zoom edit and re-order pages

D. it provides industry-leading fleet management tor as little as 15 euros per month for an unlimited number of devices and users

Answer: B

Question: 2

How does a 650-sheet paper tray help your customer?

A. It means there is no need to buy additional paper tray

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B. Due to the bigger surface it is 3 lot easier for the user to put the paper into the tray

C. It minimizes noise and reduces the risk of damaging the cartridge

D. The customer can add a whole ream before the tray runs out of paper

Answer: B

Question: 3

Which trends are driving today’s changing office?

A. Technology for printing, computing, networking, and software needs is advancing more capacity them ever before.

B. OfficeJet Carepacks, ZBook, and flow MFP are replacing previously used products.

C. Your office is where you are, security, costecological aspects, collaboration, and autonamed pages based processes.

D. More customers are moving to a cloud-only solution through their personal systems, printers, servers, storage and software.

Answer: A

Question: 4

Which statement is correct regarding HP Quick Sets?

A. HP Quick Sets are a highly reliable and secure pre-boot and recovery method for HPMFPs

B. HP Quick Sets allow customers to manage and retrieve documents from the cloud

C. Through the HP Universal Print Driver customers can set a number of tasks that can be achieved at the touch of a button

D. HP Quick Sets are your customers launch document workflows mat scan and save documents and get it right every time-at the touch of a button

Answer: C

Question: 5

What is the advantage to the customer of HP pigmented OfficeJet inks with enhanced durability?

A. It reduces the risk of smearing and fading

B. it reduces the cost per page because cartridges last longer

C. it towers the entry price

D. It prevents leakage from cartridges

Answer: A

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