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Introduction To A Semiotic Analysis Understanding The Southern Flag?}

Introduction to a Semiotic Analysis Understanding theSouthern Flag?


Vikram Kumar

There is one particular icon of the American Culture. That is the Southern Flag. This flag has been known to be very controversial. Its presence is even felt across the globe in other countries. Why do people feel so strongly about this flags emblem especially since this stopped existing more than 130 years ago? Why is it relevant?

It is a good idea to keep in mind that there is no particular meaning in regards to the Confederate flag. The only reason why there would be meaning is so that humans can create their own learning. This means, that those who think there is a symbol can come up with whatever meaning they like. The actual symbol is ongoing. The value of that which is symbolized is not ongoing. If the Confederate flag is a part of today’s culture, then it is important that culture has meaning. A booked titled: Vinyl Leaves, written by Stephen M. Fjellman has a good meaning of culture. It states that culture is: “a public mixed set of meanings, symbols, understandings and beliefs. People try to understand these things and practice them in their everyday life”. The Confederate Flag and other symbols and cultures, can be shared with all kinds of things. These include: family, economic, local, ethnic, international, regional and local. This then, lays the reason for controversy about the Southern Flag.

Semiotics means: “study of signs”. This study looks at studying signs. Not at them having any original meaning. But rather as definitions given by the beliefs of society.

The most major reason above anything else is slavery particularly for the states in the southern areas of the country. Were “state rights” a problem? Yes, they certainly were. The states in the southern areas desired their “state rights” to their own slaves. So that they could succeed, slavery was a major part of their culture. This truth must not be overlooked. Before the succession, the Confederate Flag was not around. The flag first came about whilst the war was going on. It was first designed to represent the military units in the south. These military units were fighting to keep their “state rights” in their own slaves. Were other things being fought for? Yes. However, Slavery was still very high on the list. Perhaps not for all individuals, but the confederacy as a group. If the Confederate Flag is supported, what really is being supported then? All people can support the flag on whatever it means to you as an individual. This doesn’t mean that you are racist. But all individuals cannot put aside the fact that the original purpose of the flag was for military units. These military units went to war to fight for slavery. If all you want to have is to show off “southern pride”, or your culture; then something else can be decided on. Unless of course; you want to be a racist.


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Introduction to a Semiotic Analysis Understanding theSouthern Flag? }

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Not Bustle For The Treatment Of Diseases Anymore

Not Bustle for the Treatment of Diseases Anymore



I have a great mind to tell all the medical staffs and patients that do not bustle for the treatment of diseases anymore. Those futile behaviours not only can not cure diseases, but make the situation even more difficult to control, which makes many chronic diseases turn into acute ones and finally deprives a patient’s life. The basis of natural therapy lies in believing that as the essence of nature, human body itself has already acquired the experiences that nature uses to resist a variety of injuries and stress for billions of years.

These experiences are written in DNA in the form of code. If necessary, these codes would open, thus starting a series of emergency and reclamation activities. The manifestation of these activities are in fact symptoms known diseases. It is one form of biological treatment according to existing resources in body when you get injured. It is also a mean of self-protection under pressure, which is a compromise approach to aim to build new balance from the broken balance. These means of self-protection are stochastic and they make adjustments randomly according to different pressure.

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Each adjustment shows a series of symptoms and different diseases are named depending on different symptoms medically. That is the reason why effective cures cannot be found to treat various diseases all the time. As disease itself means self-healing of body, doctors are unable to help people recover physically and mentally before they fully realize the actual intention of disease to the body. If we change disease treatment to the process of self-protection by supporting the body against the pressure, treatment of the body can receive favorable support to help the body heal.

Our body has strong enough vitality to recover as long as we have enough patience. Disease and death is not the emblem of failure; commit suicide is the failure. Our aim is to learn to live with love joyfully and diseases teach us how to do so. Our focus is not on the disease itself, but on health and life. We believe that good food in nature, fresh air, rest, amusement, sleep, weather variations and physical therapy can cure diseases. Real curers know very well the value of torment and tribulation and that there is a way to change, self-healing and health during the course of disease experience.

When we get cold, we usually sneeze, which is actually an effective way for the body to discharge bacteria and viruses in the respiratory tract. At this time, if we take the initiative in make some more sneezing cold will soon be good; we often get rid of cold in this way. What’s more, sometimes you may cough when you have tracheitis so I teach my students to take the initiative in coughing a few more times, and they will get over it soon. When they are faint, nervous, or hot-tempered, I teach them to take a deep breath; after a few times, troubles mentioned above all disappear. In addition, people who often breathe deeply are in good health relatively and broad-minded.

Other than these natural therapies, when you become sick you should always take natural drugs, which are safer and more effective. There are many natural plant medicines for skin diseases, such as hemorrhoids, herpes, IBS, varicose veins, warts, and so on. Happily, some companies producing these natural products have made great success. As one of this kind of companies, NaturesPharma has notably broadened its scope over the years and continues to be at the forefront of the natural health sector. With comprehensive efforts in research and development, many plant extracts and natural substances have been proven to be safe and effective medicines. Moreover, these specific products continue to yield significant results.

According to medical knowledge, the advantage of chemical drugs is that they have clear healing efficacy and powerful lethal effect to infectious agent because they are usually chemical substances. Yet at the same time, as western medicines have certain side effect more or less, some present toxic side effect obviously and even can cause serious drug-induced diseases and drug resistance. It is thus clear that western medicines cause serious harm to the body at the time of dealing with animal diseases. The toxicity issue of western medicines is an increasing concern.

Natural drugs come from plants or mineral of nature and their direct destruction aiming at infectious agent is often inferior to western medicine. However, natural drugs are not for destroying enemy but for mobilizing autologous tissue or self-recovery capability. Additionally, natural drugs have an effect to improve effect and decrease toxicity by compatibility of medicines and reduce side effect further. So, in the trend of returning to nature and taking natural drugs, natural drugs are emerging all over the world. To learn more, please go to

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